29th 30th September 2012

Well that was the steam gala – plenty of visitors on the trains and at Weighbridge Teas plus the GNR N2 1744 passing through each day.
At the station, work has continued on the wartime props for the German pioneers and elsewhere. Only 2 weeks to go before you can find out what we have made this time! Near the road bridge at the entrance to the forest we have strimmed the tall grass and pruned the scrub to clear the views ready for the assault boat to be demonstrated. At the same time we have also tidied up the entrance to the footpath to Newton on Rawcliffe which had become overgrown. To get ready for next weekends great Womble wigwam erections in the station yard we have begun bringing some of the materials across to the storage vans. This will speed up the process next weekend. New table top covers, for the new picnic tables and some of the old ones, have been made and are ready for fixing. This simple ‘top’ should prevent glasses tipping over in the gaps between the planks when in the Café Alle du Bois.
Remember, we are in Occupied Europe in a fortnight so persons in Allied uniforms may find themselves arrested and any arms confiscated. Axis uniforms will be in profusion.
In the viewing area north of the level crossing we have reinstated the diagonal paling fence and topped up the ash level to tidy up the site. Fortunately we have some spare ash in the siding so, with permission from the signalman, we collected a couple of trolley loads for the job.
Following the Wartime Weekend the Highways Agency are renewing the road to the station so it will be closed for 4 weeks. All facilities will still be available at the station but again access will only be by train.

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