2nd September 2012

Its been another warm, dry weekend and a 3 dayer as well for some of us! Friday was a collect and prepare day. We had to collect some new fencing materials and timber for a further 7 picnic tables from the Pickering timber yard. We have been donated some timber racking, electrical equipment, an ‘acro’ prop and crockery by one of our volunteers so we had to collect them from Garforth as well. Back at the station 2 tasks were being undertaken concurrently; a new lino floor was being fitted in the Weighbridge by Tony and Malcolm, whilst a separate team were preparing a large buffet for 35 Wombles. Thanks must go to Janice, Tony, Doreen and Malcolm for the marathon shop and catering challenge that allowed the Wombles to have such a nice evening out on one of the non dining coaches on the Pickering Pullman.
During Saturday and Sunday a wide variety of jobs were undertaken:-
The ‘table’ and ‘seat’ planks for the new picnic tables were sanded down; recovery of a large amount of timber off the lineside following our felling activities earlier this year; the final ‘shut the gate’ sign was given its last coats of paint and installed on the new wicket gate; the end of the shock open wagon was given its top coat and white stripes following its repair earlier this year; the Booking Office awning has had the copper beach section top coated and the county cream exterior rubbed down and repainted; the ‘underside’ of the awning is now awaiting an undercoat and topcoat all the platform lamps have been cleaned out and washed; the gardens next to the signal box have had a severe ‘going over’ to remove deep rooted weeds.
We have now found the holding down strips for the new Gent’s roof (in the garage at Park St.!) and fitted them, as well as trimming and refitting the lead flashing, so thats another job finished.
Work on the set for Wartime Weekend has continued with much re-use of second hand materials, trial fitting and painting. You still can’t tell what it is yet as some of it is still not designed!
We have started putting together and screwing the tops of the picnic tables, using an existing one as a pattern. Hopefully next week we will get the seat and legs added. Thanks to Brian, Stephen, Andy, Lesley, Richard, Patience, Kevin, Elaine, David and Mark for all their help on these activities.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with plenty of visitors keeping them on the go most of the time.

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