9th September 2012

And still the sun shines! After purchasing further screws and bolts we have completed erecting the 7 latest picnic tables. Once we set up our production line and got our method sorted we knocked them out in no time at all! Three are now awaiting transfer to Grosmont MPD, once we have been paid for them! They are blooming heavy and take 4 people just to lift them.
In the slot through the trees we have, with the assistance of one of our locals and his tractor, recovered some more of the old tree trunks. These will now be cut up and used to keep the home fires burning this winter. During the week we took delivery of a few more rubber level crossing panels and these were stacked to add to our store. A couple of rusty milk churn lids have been cleaned down and primed. The upside Levisham nameboard has had the peeling paint sanded off and repainted. The roses have come in for some heavy tying back as they try to escape all over the place and are rather thorny.
The weighbridge had a busy weekend with lots of people out enjoying this fine weather and wanting drinks, snacks and quite a few ice creams.

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