12th/13th/14th October 1942

Blimey what a weekend that was/is! At long last we can tell you what we were building – the café front inspired by the hit TV series “Allo, Allo”. This has been based on photos downloaded from the internet and then adapted to suit our materials. The reason for all this? We entertained Herr Flick, of the Gestapo, and Helga, who joined us for the weekend. They brought a selection of their photographs and it was also possible to have your picture taken with them, in front of the café, and then get it signed. We were also lucky to find the painting of the “Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies” by Van Klomp secreted within one of the Knockwursts outside the café.
Elsewhere around the station we had mortar displays, PAK anti tank gun demonstrations, mine laying, hand grenade training, assault on a concrete bunker (with plenty of bangs) plus an assault boat in the nearby river. We had both the Tea Hut and Weighbridge Teas open, plus the Café Alle du Bois in the station yard.
As a station in Occupied Europe all our signage was changed to French and we were occupied by soldiers of the German Army.
Evening dinner on Saturday was for less than last year-just for 80!- a mix of German re-enactors and Wombles, plus, of course, our ‘friends’ from the Gestapo! The evening finished with drinks and a disco until late into the night. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday with more demonstrations and bangs to interest all our visitors. At the end of the day (into the darkness) time was spent dismantling and putting away ready for next year but there is still more to tidy up tomorrow before the station returns to normal.

Don’t forget that the road to the station is now CLOSED for the next 4 weeks whilst they rebuild it. Access will only be by foot, or by rail.

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