27th, 28th October 2012

It snowed! Well, we had a few showers on Friday evening, dropping about ½” in total making it ‘interesting’ getting in. Overnight more sleet came and a lot of the snow melted but we still had to clear the level crossing, with help from Alex. During Saturday morning we had a few sleet showers but it has got warmer as the weekend progressed. Its been a long time since we have had snow in October though.
We have cleared the yard of the picnic tables and moved the brushwood to our fire pile ready for next weekend…. We have also done further clearance of scrub on the lineside north of the station and around the next foot crossing up the line at the Grange. A lot of this has been brought down to the station, the logs going for re-use to keep the ‘home fires burning’ whilst the brushwood will go up next weekend, all being well.
Elsewhere we have been tidying up our stores vans, putting all the wartime materials back into their proper places ready for next year. We have also measured up the yard crane and prepared the drawings ready for approval.
Weighbridge Teas are still open at weekends and have got their outlet decked out in Halloween accoutrements ready for next week. They are open specially on Wednesday when we also have a Falconry display here. If you can’t make Wednesday then you can see the birds again next weekend and sample the wares at the Weighbridge.
Don’t forget that the road to the station is now CLOSED for at least the next 2 weeks whilst they rebuild it. Access will only be by foot, or by rail.

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