17th 18th November 2012

Well our winter paint shop, aka the General Room, has seen some use this weekend. All the new planking for our lamp room has had a coat of primer on the face side and wood preservative on the back. There is an awful lot of it when you start spreading it out to dry! At this point we should welcome back Alexa, who has moved back to the area, who did most of this painting.
Elsewhere, with the road closed (its now been dug up completely!) and no passenger trains running, it was an ideal time to do some maintenance on the level crossing and repack the timber deck. The opportunity was also taken to replace 3 cracked boards. Hopefully the level deck will now last another year with only minor maintenance.
Along the lineside north of the station we have continued cutting down scrub and fallen trees. This has been helped by our latest purchase – a long reach pole chainsaw, funded out of your donations. It makes tackling blackthorn scrub much easier as you can cut it into manageable pieces without getting cut to pieces by it.
As I said earlier in the report the Highways have really ripped into the road this week, taking off all the surfacing. In places they have dug down several feet to get rid of the clay and replace it with stone. We will see how they continue.
Passenger trains have now finished until the Santas in December but works and freight trains continue to run as and when required.

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