31st October, 3rd and 4th November 2012

Its Witches and Wizards weekend. This continues the half term events following Halloween on Wednesday. Weighbridge Teas were open on Wedneday and had a supporting cast from York Falconry who brought an Eagle Owl, a Little Owl, a Yellow Beaked Kite, a Harris Hawk and a Red Tailed Eagle. These proved very popular with our visitors. They reprised all this on Saturday and Sunday although it was quiet at our station. We even had a visit from a very large, hairy person and a witch.
Elsewhere around the station Lesley has varnished all the plywood covers for the picnic tables (we use them at Wartime Weekend in the café) and undercoated both new windows for our lamp room. She had the luxury of being able to work in the General Room, with the heater on, whilst the rest of us froze outside. We collected all the remaining brash from the lineside north of the station and managed to get nearly all of it burnt on Saturday late afternoon and evening. We even had fireworks to go with the fire! Sunday dawned bright and very frosty, which meant burning the remaining brash was a failure. Hopefully with a frost free and dry day next weekend we can immolate the remainder. After a couple of months of building cafes, erecting and taking down marquees etc. etc. for Wartime Weekend, we have returned to the lineside fence renewal project. First up was strimming all the grass and reeds where we will be working before we began dismantling the old fence. We were just getting into our stride when we were called out to deal with a cow stuck in a calf feeder in a lineside field half a mile south of the station. We helped the farmer and after 45 minutes the cow was free. In between all this, Stephen has continued to tidy up our stores vans.
Next weekend will be the last opening days of this season for Weighbridge Teas. Come and support them and help them finish on a high. They will then be closed until Christmas and all being well they will be open some days between Christmas and New Year, weather permitting!
On Friday the railway is hosting the National Velocipede Day. These unusual rail contraptions are like a rail mounted bicycle and a number are visiting from all over Europe! They will be travelling between Newbridge at Pickering and Levisham with a planned lunch break at our station. Why not come and see them here? Weighbridge Teas will be open for business as well! There is no rail service running on Friday but foot access is possible past the rebuilding of our access road.
Don’t forget that the road to the station is now CLOSED for at least the next 2 weeks whilst they rebuild it. Access will only be by foot, or by rail.

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