1st/2nd December 2012

Its all right, sorry white, out there. After a bitterly cold Friday night we woke up to a slightly warmer but snowy landscape. Admittedly it was only a half inch but we still had to clear both platforms.
With it being white and Santa trains running it must be nearly Christmas. Consequently we have put the decorations out; including the ‘Big W’ on the cottage front, twinkling lights on the pine tree and Santa banners on the lamp posts. There is even an illuminated train on the door of the Tea Hut!
Our paint shop has been a boon this weekend for keeping warm, with all the timber now having 2 undercoats applied. This is a long job as there are so many individual pieces. Outside we have been out cutting down more scrub along our fence line. At the same time we have re-cut some drainage channels to try and drain some more of the standing water. Talking of water, the culvert under the railway next to the level crossing had become bunged up with branches, following the heavy rain last week. It took a lot of pushing and pulling, in the water, before we could release the branches and then the water that was backed up behind it was released.
The Gents urinal had to be scrubbed down before a couple of coats of slate sealer were applied. I get all the glamorous jobs! The Gents are now drained down and closed for the winter.

Don’t forget that the road to the station is still CLOSED until Christmas, at least, whilst they rebuild it. Access is only by foot.

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