19th/20th January 2013

Eureka, it works!! ‘What on earth are you on about?’ I hear you say. Our snowplough, of course. At last we have had the occasion to try out our flail mower/snowplough conversion. With 8” of snow it was the ideal opportunity. It took a bit to start, probably because it was so cold but after a bit of practice it didn’t take long to clear both platforms and the access paths.
Getting down to the station was, however, a different matter. We had to leave the car at Lockton and walk to the station on Friday evening, using sledges to carry our gear. Getting out was much easier, the plough from the village and grit we spread after it cleared the road by Sunday.
Down at the station, with the snow out of the way we could get on with other jobs. All the wicket gates at the level crossing are now inside, scraped down and slowly drying out. They will need a couple of weeks drying out before we can repaint them. The down platform running in board has also been brought in for the same treatment. It also has a rotten section we need to deal with.
In the general room further sanding down and painting has been carried out on the walls and the new timber planks for the platform seats. The Booking Office ceiling has also had blown paint removed and been sanded down ready for a repaint. Cracks in the walls and ceiling have been filled at the same time.
In the cottage the new under bench cover boards have had a coat of varnish before the new handles were properly fitted.

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