26th and 27th January 2013

Well we got in OK on Friday tea time, but Stephen, who came in much later, had to walk (again!) from Lockton as 6” of snow had fallen in 5 hours! On Saturday morning it was therefore back out with the snow shovels and snowplough to clear the access routes and platforms. A total of 12” covered the areas we had not cleared the previous weekend. Further modifications to the plough (Marks 3 and 4) improved the operation further, although another tweak is probably necessary to make it perfect.
Inside the paint shop further paint has been applied to the seat planks and the edges of the ceiling have been touched up with white and the lights properly fixed again. The rot on the LEVISHAM running in board has been cut out and it was then left to dry out; all 4 wicket gates have been scraped down and cleaned, allowing further damp wood to dry out. Hopefully by next week we will be able to start applying new paint. We have taken delivery of the 2 bracket castings, from the blast cleaners, for the ‘new’ NER bracket signal. These are now safely under cover and we have applied a further coat of primer.
Elsewhere, all the wagons have had their sheets checked to ensure the snow did not cave them in.
A bit of rain on Sunday morning has gone someway to clearing some of the snow, without making the stream and the Beck rise too much. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to get back out on the lineside to continue the tree clearance after our enforced break due to the ‘white stuff’.

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