17th February 2013

The trains are back and so are the Weighbridge Teas staff after their Panamanian cruise! This weekend we started on Friday afternoon with some more demolition work at Pickering, bringing down a collapsed wall. After that it was off to the timber yard to collect the makings of 8 more picnic tables. These will be erected here and then sent to Grosmont where they will replace some old weak ones near the Tea Room.
Saturday dawned bright and sunny and it was time to reinstate all the wicket gates in their new paint and very smart the crossing now looks. We also replaced a couple of fence rails up the line, where our tree felling had removed them around the bridges. Further fencing and tidying up will occur later on when we have the assistance of the Junior volunteers. PTS and SMS briefings were also undertaken on Saturday morning as we welcomed one of the families who joined the railway last year to our station. We managed to keep them busy with crane preparation work including large concrete blocks and moving the picnic table timber under cover!
This weekend was also excavation weekend, with the bases for the new lamp room on the Pickering bound platform dug out together with the new yard crane base. The yard crane base was then backfilled with concrete, mixed using our 2 concrete mixers – we don’t do things by half at this station. Packs of concrete blocks have been stacked around the hole ready for next weekend.
Whilst we had the digger we also cleared out the ditches around our wartime display site, which should help dry out the area from its current quagmire condition.
In the General Room the walls and seats have had their second coat of paint applied, and in the Exhibition Van the castings for the new signal bracket have had a couple of coats of undercoat applied.

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