2nd and 3rd February 2013

Well for the third week in a row we woke up to a white station. Fortunately the snow stopped at 8:30, leaving just an inch everywhere. After a quick clear around of the paths and access routes, we could get on with some work. First up it was sanding down and priming all the wicket gates. The metal ‘shut the gate’ signs also had another coat of primer.
It was then time to get out on the lineside to continue the ‘tree fest’. We have been working from Platelayers cottage back towards the station, clearing the embankment wall between the railway and the river. Some trees will have to wait for the river level to fall, as the only way to get to them is to stand in the river itself. Around bridge 15 it is now a lot clearer, although there is an awful lot of brash awaiting burning. Fortunately this can be done whilst trains run, whereas dropping trees across the tracks cannot. When darkness fell it was back to the station to apply an undercoat to those gates. Sunday was very similar, with filler applied to the gates in the morning and a coat of undercoat in the late afternoon. More tree clearance filled the middle of the day.
Work on the hill is still continuing, but we do now have the top coat of tarmac laid. The verges are still waiting filling up to level and tidying up but the end may be in sight. Good job really as the trains start again in a fortnight!

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