9th and 10th February 2013

Well the Irish lumberjacks have been out again – you know ‘de tree fellers!?’ We have continued working around bridges 14 and 15, cutting down the trees which encroach onto the railway. Although we have got a lot of them down, there is still a lot of logs to collect and an awful lot of brushwood to dispose of (by fire). However it was more important to get them down during the possessions (this is the last weekend possession until November!), as the disposal can be done on site whilst trains are running.
In the paint shop we have got the two top coats of white applied to all 4 wicket gates. With the white dry we could paint the black hinges and ‘SHUT THE GATE’ signs. All we have to do now is re-erect them next Saturday morning ready for the trains then we can also finish off the painting of the ‘paint shop’ itself ready for use of our passengers in the new season.
The 2013 season starts next weekend with trains daily for half term, then weekends after that. Weighbridge Teas will be opening on weekends starting next Saturday so us poor staff no longer need to make our own cups of tea! The road in to the station is now reopened after the winter rebuilding so we are looking forward to lots of visitors.

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