10th March 2013

Well what a week that was! Two major projects have progressed – the Lamp Room and the Yard Crane. The former is the reinstatement of the original North Eastern lamp room – the original was burnt down in 1964 before the NYMR was even a twinkle in the Founders eyes. This major project, which was largely funded thanks to a major donation, has been immensely satisfying to build in the 40th anniversary of our railway. The second project has been the concreting of the yard crane base. During this work week (Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th) just over 1000 hours have been worked at this station! As I mentioned on the last blog, all of this would not have been possible without the help of several work colleagues from Network Rail and elsewhere who came to do ‘something different’. Last year I persuaded them to help us rebuild the level crossing, what can we get them to do next year!
Photos in the Gallery section show how the works have progressed during the week.
Thanks are due to Weighbridge Teas who kindly opened up each day to keep us in drinks and cakes plus making sandwiches and soup for us all.
The Lamp Room is now substantially complete with only ridge tiles outstanding (awaiting delivery as out of stock) and a final top coat of paint. The old Marishes Road signal box door has found a new lease of life as the door to the lamp room. This door could not be re-used at Pickering as it is not DDA compliant. The door has been cut horizontally in the middle to create a ‘stable’ door allowing the top part to be opened for viewing whilst keeping visitors out. Inside the lamp room has now been painted white and shelving will soon appear to hold the lamps and paraffin cans, together with suitable interpretation to explain the buildings use.
In the yard the crane base has had its formwork stripped and the sides made ready for painting. The formwork materials were carefully dismantled, the new fence rail long members being cleaned down and then installed on the lineside fencing within 1hr of coming off the formwork! We don’t waste anything and recycling is in our blood. The actual crane mechanism has been cleaned down, primed and undercoated prior to its re-erection next weekend. This has been undertaken inside a small gazebo tent due to the wet and snowy weather over the weekend.
Along the lineside the latest section of new fence has been completed along to the old accommodation crossing site north of the station. Further replacement will now await a further order of materials.
In the paddock the lean to on the shed has had its slatted timber side installed – using second hand fence rail sections cut out of rotten 12’ lengths, and the felt roof fixed to it. The Waiting Shelter on the Up platform has also benefitted from the major wash down and clean of the interior roof and now looks much better. The down platform running in nameboard has had its rotten woodwork replaced and is now in undercoat. The enamelled metal nameboard has also had some rust cleaned off it and primed around the lower edges.
Beth has undertaken a 2 day First Aid refresher course this week which was put into practice today when she had to assist a collapsed walker just up the hillside. Once the ambulance service arrived she was able to pass responsibility onto them who took the walker off to hospital for a check up. Fortunately the injuries were not life threatening.

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