23rd/24th March 2013

I must start with an apology over last weeks blog. Unfortunately although it was written and uploaded onto the web we failed to ‘publish’ it.
Blimey its cold, with a bitter, strong wind blowing up the valley both days! Saying that though, we have had no snow apart from a few isolated flakes every so often. In the station yard the crane has had its North Eastern Railway ‘face’ built around it. This comprises railway sleepers laid around it with sleeper ‘packers’ in between. The concrete structure behind was painted black so it doesn’t show through. A wagon of fresh loco ash, kindly delivered just in time by the Pway Dept, was then used between each sleeper and on top of the concrete to finish it all off. It now looks like its always been there. The crane mechanism has had its first top coat of paint applied as well.
A couple of pot holes had appeared adjacent to the level crossing and these have been dug out and topped up with fresh ash (again off the wagon). The rest of the ash off the wagon (15 tonnes of it) has been unloaded and spread down the south end headshunt. The far end will need further packing and levelling but at least it is out of the wagon.
Further lengths of timber have been prepared for the mass picnic table erection next weekend and one was trial erected this weekend to check tolerances. In the General Room the repaired ‘Running In’ board has had its top coat of paint applied and the repaired and touched up enamel sign has been mated to it. The edges have been sealed together to try and keep out the weather and prolong the life of both.
Weighbridge Teas have been in residence and have helped us by serving teas and coffees to warm us through, in addition to the hardy few visitors who turned up.

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