2nd/3rd March 2013

The start of our work week is going well and its staying dry. First up on Saturday morning was lifting the crane base casting onto the concrete plinth. This 2 tonne lump was easily placed in situ thanks, to the assistance of one of our local farmers and his ‘Loadall’ machine. With the casting in place we could complete the installation of the reinforcement mesh and holding down bolts, and make the shuttering for the concrete that will hold it all in place. This substantial timber ‘box’ has to hold 6 cubic metres (approximately 12 tonnes) of wet concrete, so half measures are not an option. The crane mechanism itself is currently undergoing refurbishment with the seized turning rollers being freed up.
On the platform around the site of the lamp hut the timber sleeper deck has been reinstated, each sleeper had to be shortened to suit its new use. The first side frame unit has been put together and mated with the window. The other 3 sides should be done tomorrow.
Along the lineside, we have finally managed to burn all the cut timber and brushwood just north of the station on both sides of the line. This has been waiting for 4 months as it has been too wet to burn. A substantial amount has been tidied up now and it looks a lot better for it.
Weighbridge Teas were open each day with a steady trickle of customers wanting to sample their wares.
There were 18 of us on Saturday and a dozen on Sunday, including the signalman and the Weighbridge staff. We have further people coming during the week, including a group of Network Rail staff who are gluttons for punishment, so we should get a lot done, all being well.

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