20th/21st April 2013

A good weekend spoilt by a fire right at the end. The south headshunt at the station has had the track levelled, lifted and packed with the ash we unloaded a couple of weeks ago. At the station itself painting has continued on the signal posts, both finials and the paraffin cans for the lamp room. The workshop coach has also had the station side scraped, sanded and undercoated where the paint was starting to crack. Hopefully we can catch this before the side requires major work.
Up the line at bridge 15 we have continued clearing the trees and scrub from the lineside. Several loads of logs have also been brought down to the station for disposal. We had help from the Junior Volunteers again on Sunday with a pair of fires to dispose of the brash. A goodly amount was burnt but there is still a lot to get rid of.
Unfortunately at the end of the day a couple of uncontrolled fires were alight in Northdale, about half a mile from the summit. The extent of the fires meant the Fire Brigade was required – 7 Engines, Incident Control Van, a pair of Land Rovers, one with a trailer with an All Terrain vehicle on the rear, a Water Bowser and a couple of Fire Officer Cars! The fire burnt last year’s dead bracken, quite a large area in fact, but they got it under control before it escaped out of the valley.

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