27th/28th April 2013

Another dry-ish weekend has allowed us to continue with several projects. At the station the yard crane has had its jib erected and the retaining bolts fitted. It now swings round nicely – without hitting the adjacent coach. It has been locked into position now to prevent people playing with it.
The workshop coach has had a second coat of undercoat and a first top coat applied on the station side to keep the weather out. Whilst the paintbrush was out, a further coat was applied to the new signal arm. Kevin and Elaine have completely cleaned out of the setts and weighbridge table of mud left behind by the road renewal. They completed the job by power washing it all spotlessly clean.
In readiness for this week’s 40th Anniversary of the opening of the NYMR all the way through from Grosmont to Pickering, we have put up bunting on either platform and placed a ‘40’ sign in the gardens as well. Flag poles have also been erected – one with the Yorkshire flag on it, the other with the Union Jack.
Up the lineside we have continued the controlled burning of the tree scrub to leave a neat and tidy lineside (special request as there is a photo charter shortly along the line). More logs have also been transported back to the station.
Weighbridge Teas also had a good weekend and sent drinks, by train, up to us near bridge 15. They now have a different bakery supplier with lots of lovely new cakes, pork pies and other savouries to tempt you all! They will be open on Wednesday this week, 40th Anniversary Day, if you can’t wait to sample their wares at the weekend.
Don’t forget the railways Artist in Residence Chris Ware is now in residence in his studio Thursdays to Sundays as well.

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