29th March – 1st April 2013

A Happy Easter to all our readers. Its been a 4 day weekend so we have plenty to report on. The mass picnic table erection activity took up most of Friday, 8 picnic tables being assembled, 6 of which have been delivered to Grosmont on successive trains. A pair of Wombles accompanied the first to help off load it and then waited for the successive ones to follow. Four old picnic tables have been sent back via the same method for dismantling here. We may be able to make 2 good ones out of them for use at the back of the cottage by the Wombles when they take lunch outside.
The lamp room now sports a lock and period door knob, following much chiselling and adjustment of the door so it would fit neatly. The tops of the side planks have also had the final filler pieces fitted and the building has had a touch up of paint where filler had been applied. A new enamel door plate has been ordered for the lamp room along with some for our litter bins. Elsewhere on the platform the repaired running in board has had its back re bitumasticed and the surrounding copper beech paintwork touched up.
In the yard the crane has had its second top coat applied and is now ready for the safety guards to be fitted.
Along the lineside north of the station we lit a pair of fires and disposed of a fair bit of scrub and brash which has finally dried out following last years lineside clearance. Weighbridge Teas again supplied us with hot drinks, kindly delivered by the passing locos. There is still a fair few logs to collect from this area though – something for the evening possessions, when we book some. The lineside is now clear up to the Grange, with the fence patched up where required, but there is still an awful lot more to do further on.
Weighbridge Teas have been open all Easter weekend and will also be open Tuesday as a special treat.
Following a generous bequest of a filming prop from Elizabeth Beresford, who had heard about our great Wombling work, we erected her 8’ illuminated Womble in front of the cottage on Easter Monday morning. It looks a bit gaudy but we think it makes a statement about the station group!?! People will get used to it

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