5th-7th April 2013

Another long weekend for the Wombles meant more work done! The refurbished Running-In Board has been reinstated on its concrete posts and very smart it now looks. The Lamp Room has benefitted from a further paint touch up where the additional timber fillets have been inserted under the eaves.
Up the line more trees have been removed from the abutments of bridges 14 and 15. This prevents further damage to the stonework plus removes sighting hazards making it safer for passing trains (they don’t get scraped by the branches). The Junior Volunteers have been down to help us again and succeeded in burning a goodly amount of the scrub we had cut down during the winter period.
Back at the station we have commenced cleaning down and repainting one of the ‘new’ signal doll posts for the new North Eastern bracket signal. This will replace the BR upper quadrant version north of the level crossing, giving Levisham all NER signals for the first time since the 1920’s. We have another second hand post we hope to make the other doll from but we will need a new main timber post. This will probably cost over 4 figures (£750 plus if Gift Aided). Is there anyone out there who would like to sponsor this?
We have held a meeting to review last years Wartime Weekend and look at options for this year (and next!). Nothing is confirmed yet but you can be sure that it if you miss it you will regret it.
Weighbridge Teas have had a good weekend with a steady flow of visitors to purchase their wares as well as despatching drinks to the team up the line via passing trains.

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