18th,19th May 2013

One day of rain and one day of wonderful sun. With yesterday’s wet weather the family weekend was curtailed to one day. This didn’t stop all work on Saturday though. The regular volunteers continued work on the new signal, cleaning down fittings and applying primer to them – an easy sentence which doesn’t cover the hard work involved. Opportunity was also taken to tidy out the paint shop as well.
On the Sunday the Families and Juniors turned up with a vengeance. Work continued on the signal fittings and the back of the Warehouse was stripped of its loose paint, and, following a sand, primer was applied. The picnic tables have been moved into the paddock from their winter store and all the plastic picnic chairs have been cleaned down ready for 60’s weekend. In the yard the stone heap near the crane has been spread and levelled in soft spots to help keep the yard neat and tidy. The old picnic tables from Grosmont have been dismantled (as they were rotten in places) and the good material put to one side for re-use. North of the station the lineside fence was repaired and blackthorn scrub was cut down. The cut material is now all stacked ready for a good burn. This also applies to the fallen tree we cut up a fortnight ago. A good day was had by all and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend overall and kept the Families well supplied with drinks, snacks and bacon butties.

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