25th, 26th and 27th May 2013

Another glorious weekend of 3 days, weather wise has allowed all sorts of projects to proceed. Our station is now bright and white following the painting of the white lines along the platform edges together with the planters in the yard and nearby garden edging.
At Bridge 14, north of the station we have completed tidying up the cut down trees, logging the trunks and stacking them ready for removal. The lineside fence here was particularly poor so we have repaired it. Its not perfect yet, but it is better than it was. We need to take a fence post and a few rails to complete the job – using second hand materials of course.
At the station the old Marishes Road signal box framing has been modified for its new use in the demonstration signal box at Pickering. The delay had been due to awaiting drawings from the design team. The modified section is now in the plate wagon waiting for delivery to Pickering. The rest of the timber has been carefully dismantled and placed into store (if it was any use), or burned on site. The whole area is now much tidier again. Whilst we had all the tools out we also cleaned down and repainted the nearby cast WHISTLE board, which was looking ‘tired’.
On Sunday we were called out to a small lineside fire near Farwath, which was steadily burning its way through an old rotten stack of timber sleepers. This sounds easy but it’s a 1½ mile walk, each way, as there is no road access near there!
The back of the Warehouse has had its rotten boards replaced, using second hand boards from Marishes Road. The bottom half has now been undercoated, filled, sanded and top coated. It now looks a lot better – just the top half left to do!
Weighbridge Teas have been busy over the whole weekend and will, as a bonus, also be open tomorrow. They have been so busy that they had an extra delivery of baked goods today! Could you spend a few hours helping out in the Weighbridge? If so, they would love to hear from you. Failing that, do you have any suitable prizes to go in the tombola which the Teas staff also run?

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