4th, 5th, 6th May 2013

What a lovely weekend. The sun has shone, the visitors have come and the trains have been full. We will start with Weighbridge Teas who have had a bumper weekend and will have to order further supplies of ice cream this week ready for next weekend.
Around the station we started with cutting the new slot, for the signal arm to sit in, in the recycled signal post. This sounds easier said than done as it needed a circular saw, a chainsaw and chisels to get the job done by 3 Wombles all working in unison. With the slot cut, more paint could be applied to bring it all up to the same number of coats.
After a 6 month wait for good, dry weather we have got the Great Eastern van roof sheet properly fixed. This included replacing rotted edge boards on both sides to allow us to nail the canvas down. As the old roof boards are uneven we have laid some second hand thin carpet as underlay to protect the new canvas from being punctured on sharp edges. The roof itself was also treated to a coat of preservative but is in remarkably good condition considering it is over 100 years old! The body of the van is now getting a quick make over to keep it looking smart and keep out the weather.
The yard crane has had its paint touched up, following last weekends installation of a bolt to stop it swinging around. A small NER poster board has also had a full repaint following a fortnight under cover to dry out.
The gardens have continued to give a good display with the daffodils looking excellent and smart. The gardeners have continued to cut out the old dead material and have planted new primulas next to the Weighbridge.
Up the line we have continued to cut down brash and scrub near the 13 mile post. These patches were left last year as we could not cut them down due to too much brash already lying around. There is a touch more to do next weekend to finish it all off.

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