10th and 11th August 2013

A packed weekend of activities started off with the return to the brewery of all the empty barrels from the special events (23!) and a back load of corrugated iron from the old pig sty in Pickering. The corrugated iron has been sorted and tidied up and placed into store before its planned use next year.
Painting has continued on the parts for the new bracket signal and new notice board covers for Wartime events, and the station side of the GE van has been sanded and undercoated. Some of the old wagon spares placed into store have been cleaned down, had the rotten bolts cut off them and been primed. The recovered fencing materials have been stripped of their old nails and the rotten sections disposed of.
The Junior Volunteers joined us on Sunday and helped us reinstate damaged fencing next to bridges 14 and 15, using the recovered materials from nearer the station. They also helped unload a trolley load of logs we had brought from site as a ‘back load’ when we delivered the fencing to site.
The Womble catering division have completed the external sanding down and repainting of the Tea Hut, which now looks a lot smarter.
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend and had Sweat Peas and Runner Beans for sale, both being freshly cut from our gardens. All funds help keep our station looking smart.

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