24th, 25th and 26th August 2013

The last Bank Holiday weekend of the year and its not been a bad one at all.
The wheel sets on the lowmac have had their axle boxes stripped off them to check out the bearing surfaces. These are in remarkably good condition so the axle ends have been greased up and protected whilst the boxes themselves have been put into store. The Great Eastern van has had the lettering reinstated on the station side following last weekends repaint.
In advance of the Wartime Weekend Café Alle du Bois set up, two electric ovens have had a bespoke frame made to house and transport them. The two ovens will keep a regular supply of hot roast beef to our hungry visitors. The frame has been sanded and painted to keep it smart. Talking of Wartime, Stephen has continued making new notice board ‘covers’ to hide the ‘modern’ English posters and allow Wartime ones to quickly appear.
Up the lineside, we have taken some more scrub trees down beyond bridge 15. Our speed of advance was limited by a blunt chainsaw (which took some sharpening) plus having to work in the river to get at the base of the trees. Leaking waders did not help, but we are getting there.
We have been given our task for this autumn by the Pway Dept. They are planning to relay the track for 1 mile, from the station towards Pickering. To help with this we have been asked to clear the lineside, on both sides, of the substantial scrub that is encroaching the area. Something to keep us busy this autumn….
Weighbridge Teas have been kept busy all weekend, such that at times they didn’t know who they were! This confusion was sorted out by putting the right apron with the correct name badge on the right person! Takings are substantially up compared to last years damp and cold weekend.

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