21st and 22nd September 2013

What a lovely weekend. The sun has shone and the visitors came as well.
At the station the ‘special project’ has been structurally completed and 2 coats of top coat paint applied. Hopefully next weekend the ‘piece de resistance’ will be mounted and the stencils will be applied.
Two small signal ladders have been sourced, wire wheeled and primed for the new signal. One of the signal arms has been released from the post and the metal pivot arms cleaned off and painted. The cranked pipe for Grosmont signal box has been under and top coated.
The final 2 new picnic benches have been put together (bar two planks which were delivered short) and are all in use under the trees at the yard entrance. The roof gutter brackets in the Gents had worked loose, probably due to the weight of snow and ice in the winter, so they have been re-fixed with longer screws. The opportunity was also taken to clean down the cast iron gutter and repaint it. The cast iron fake cistern (it doesn’t actually hold water) has had a drain hole fitted to allow condensation or other water to escape. The urinal drains were also cleaned down and rodded through (not a pretty job but someone has to do it!).
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend and are looking forward to next weekends steam gala.

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