11th, 12th and 13th October 2013

Bonjour mes amies! Well its all over now, bar the tidying up and our secret weapon has been revealed. For this year’s Wartime Weekend we had a self propelled rail mounted gun wagon! This was a recreation of a 1943 design used by the German Army in Eastern Europe and came complete with rotating turret and 75mm gun which even fired! To complement this we also had the living history tent display in the paddock; a trench firing site, sentry positions, traffic control and first aid post. As well as a large turnout of Wombles, we were supported by 50 German soldier re-enactors and some of the railway’s catering division.
Although the weather was disappointing, to say the least, on Sunday and the timetable went to pot on Saturday everyone had a good time here.
The ‘Café Allez du Bois’ in the station yard and both the Weighbridge and the Tea Hut did a roaring trade in French cuisine, hot drinks and pastries-despite the cold weather they even sold some ice creams!.
Saturday evening went well with 80 station group and re-enactors sitting down to a ‘Mess Dinner’, courtesy of Monsieur MacCholet, and a good time was had by all.

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