19th and 20th October 2013

After last weekend’s hectic activities its been a lot calmer this week. However, we started the great tidy up last Monday. First up was collecting together all the catering equipment and loading it into a van for re-dispersal amongst the various railway kitchens. We could then begin dismantling all the worktops and supports in the kitchen tent before lifting the plywood floor and pallet base. Inside the main marquee the picnic tables were stripped of their posh tops and the bar dismantled and cleaned. We nearly got the main marquee down but a shower of rain put paid to that. We did get the kitchen tent and green marquee dismantled and laid out inside the main marquee to dry out during the week. With darkness falling we decided enough was enough and left the rest to this weekend.
This weekend we got all the marquees down, folded up and put away. All 16 picnic tables were also moved into the south viewing area, next to the paddock, for the winter. All this work was helped immensely thanks to the Juniors Volunteers who fetched, carried and transported everything to the various storage locations. The station yard has now returned to its normal state and is in use by our visitors again.
In the yard, the Steyr Artilleriewagon has been hand shunted back into the back siding and sheeted over to protect it. We don’t know when we will use it again, but we have some ideas.
Weighbridge Teas had a quiet time after last weekend’s hectic activities and the staff seemed to enjoy the rest.

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