26th/27th October 2013

It’s been back to tree felling this weekend, after a five-week pause for Wartime Weekend. We have been near the down distant signal, south of Levisham, clearing the lineside of scrub back to the fence line ready for the track renewal this winter. We have also cleared around the field crossing gateway to ensure that there is a good view both ways of approaching trains for the farmer.
There is also a concrete permanent way hut there which we have emptied of rubbish. We hope to do some further works on it to restore it to its former glory over the next year and return it to its LNER 1930’s ‘as built’ condition. This will include installing 18 panes of glass in the galvanised steel window frames. Are there any glaziers out there?
At the station work has continued on the new NER signal, with special steel curved strengthening units made of out square plate. These are used to reinforce the pivot point of the wooden signal arms. We now also have a shopping list of other items we need to find/make so we can put it all together.
Elsewhere the wartime props have all been stored in ‘Thor’ for the year, allowing us to tidy up a pair of other vans ready for the winter. This tidying up will allow us to bring a pair of 12 foot platform benches in for the winter to dry out and be repainted. Further painting has been undertaken on wooden framing parts for the lamp room shelving units, whilst some rusty road pins have also been painted into orange to match the rest.
Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend with a goodly amount of visitors calling in for hot teas, pies and cakes. They are still open every weekend in November and will additionally be open this Thursday for Halloween.

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