23rd/24th November 2013

We have collected some new, to us, beech wattle panels for use in our yard and some further corrugated iron which we will use next Wartime Weekend. We also fetched the final bits of timber to finish the part completed picnic table.
We are still burning scrub down the line. This time we have cleared the site around the outer home (no.5) signal and down beyond the 11.5 mile post. Getting fires started on both days has been challenging. It rained on Friday night, then froze, leaving a thin coat of ice for Saturday and on Sunday morning rain showers made everything soaking wet again. However the end is in sight, unless we keep going southwards – all assistance gratefully received to lose those Christmas pounds before you put them on!
Back at the station the teak park benches have come in for the winter and one of the 6’ platform benches, which had suffered from peeling paint, has been stripped down and brought inside to dry out. Our steel barriers have been collected from Pickering now they have finished protecting the hole where the new demonstration signal box has been erected. The Christmas Welcome lamp banners have been put up this evening, together with the ‘Big W’. We have not yet identified a tree to decorate at the station, as the old pine tree we used to use had to be cut down this summer as it was obscuring a signal.
Weighbridge Teas have been open all weekend but are now finished until Christmas Week. You will still see some of them around working on the Pickering Santa trains, so give them a wave.

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