8th/9th/10th November 2013

On Friday we had a special visit by 10 Velocipedes – unusual 3 and 4 wheel, 1 or 2 person rail vehicles. These were operated either by bicycle pedal chains or by hand cranks. Some are even ex railway – 1 being ex Great Western Railway whilst others are pure homemade designs. They came up from Pickering for lunch at Weighbridge Teas and then had a jaunt down to Farwath and back, giving a few of us a different view of the railway, before returning back to Pickering. Once they had left our station we took the Carriage and Wagon van over to Northallerton to collect the spares from the North Eastern van we dismantled a couple of weeks ago. These have now come back, and are awaiting cleaning down and the cutting off of the old rotten bolts, before going into store. 60 12’ fence rails were also collected from the timber yard in Pickering. These will be used to extend the new fencing north of the station and have already been taken to site.
After the last few weeks of tree felling, it’s been the Big Burn Up weekend. We have cleared a quarter mile area around the distant signal, using 2 fires to save having to drag the branches too far. It took a while to get the first fire going as all the cut timber was damp and frosty; it being below freezing when we started, and we finished in the dark at -2°C.
To celebrate bonfire night we had a firework display on Saturday night, complete with sparklers for the audience participation part as well.
Weighbridge Teas had a quiet weekend as visitors were rather sparse in contrast to Friday’s hive of activity.

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