30th November/1st December 2013

And the burning continues. This time we have been working at both ends of the relay site, Saturday next to the station loop points and Sunday at Bridge 13. Saturday was a mix of burning scrub cut quite a while back together with the moving of station stores to ensure they are clear of the relay works and access route. Down at bridge 13 the last of the scrub has been burnt at that site and we can see the fences again! As usual work finished after dark and the fire makes a lovely glow with embers rising into the sky.
Back at the station the bench for the new demonstration signal box at Pickering has been undercoated and the tablet machine box unit for the same location has been stripped, sanded and primed. The Gents notice board has also been undercoated. The Great Eastern box van has been tidied out and stores restacked, freeing up space elsewhere.
Our latest publication, ‘Goods on the Whitby to Pickering line’, has been completed and is going to the printers so look out for it in station shops soon. This 40 page booklet covers all freight from horse drawn in the 1830’s right up to the present day.

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