11th,12th January 2014

And now for something completely different! On Saturday we cleaned down the milepost markers, grinding off the old paint and rust. Then it was off to our paint shop, aka the General Room, for a coat of primer. We also did the same with the remainder of the old van parts we brought back.
The notice board in the paint shop has also had its NORTH EASTERN cast letters refixed.
On Sunday we were asked to help the PWay department relay the track down near bridge 13. We were installing fishplates and hammering in the rail clips (it’s a lot easier said than done). The gang were very taken with our picnic table which held our lunch and tea – they only had a brake van in use. We finished after dark and then began the long walk back to the station.
Back at the station, some brushwood scrub which has been waiting on the lineside for quite a while, has been burnt together with other fallen branches around the station. Further primer has also been applied to yesterday’s metalwork.

The Pway department are working every day of the week on the relay and would welcome any labour that you can offer. Either come to Levisham and walk down to them or get to Newbridge for 8am and a ride on their train. No special skills are required as a lot of it is just light unskilled labour. All lifting of materials is done by trained personnel using a crane.

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