25th, 26th January 2014

The new track keeps marching on. By close of play on Friday they were up to the outer home signal (½ mile to go) with the old track lifted a quarter mile further on. By the end of Saturday all the old track was out ready for the formation to be ploughed and levelled. We spent all day installing pandrol clips to the track, together with the necessary fishplates as well as we moved along.
At the station the mileposts received their top coat of white paint and other items were primed or undercoated respectively. When we got back late afternoon we cleaned down the last of the recovered van steelwork and got one side of all the pieces primed. In the workshop work continues on tidying and sorting all the screws.
On Sunday it dawned bright and frosty but very quickly turned to rain and later sleety snow. As we were not required in the morning we were able to apply further paint to the mileposts, primer to the recovered steelwork and tidy the workshop.
To allow the advance starter signal to have LED lights rather than using paraffin we have commenced building a battery box (with a solar panel roof!). This will save signalmen having to carry paraffin out to it and climb the signal to fill the lamp.
Once the rain eased in the afternoon we went down to the relay site where we had a section of old fence to recover for re-use elsewhere. This section is not required as a stock fence as the river acts as the boundary. We also helped clip up the final 2 panels and install the fishplates to relieve the wet Pway crew. They should be finished by the weekend and then all it needs is welding, ballasting and tamping.

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