4th, 5th January 2014

Well it hardly seems like 2 days since we were here last! Actually it isn’t. Well it’s done, the lineside is clear – at last. We have got rid of lots of awful blackthorn scrub over the weekend, several of us having scratches all over our arms from dealing with it. It does burn well though, 4 fires being necessary this weekend (and today all at the same time!) to deal with it, plus the other timber we have dealt with. We can even see the fence line now.
We have brought the milepost castings in from the renewal site for a full clean down and repaint over the winter.
The concrete lineside hut now sports new glazing, thanks to Andy who brought the glass all the way down from Scotland with him. All we need to do now is find and install a door, seal the roof, reinstate the concrete roof edge sections and we will be sorted.
The railway is now under Engineers Possession ‘for the duration’ and the first Engineering Train is already on site at Levisham, coming up this evening. The Pway are working here 7 days a week so if you want to work off some of the Christmas excess, please feel to come down, I’m sure they will appreciate the help.
Weighbridge Teas were open again this weekend and their total takings for the year are around £5k up on last year. They are now closed until February Half Term but we will be down every weekend in between, working at the station and laying the track down the line.

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