1st, 2nd February 2014

The track is all relaid, all we need now is a lot of ballast….. The Welding gang have been this week and half of the welds are complete – 24 pairs.
We have completed the painting on the mileposts, and very smart they now look. We will reinstate them along the lineside once the PWay have lifted the old rails and sleepers out (we don’t want the paint to get scratched!). The 6’ platform bench has now received its first top coat and the signal wheel assemblies are now in top coat too. The new battery box is also in primer.
Along the line we have cleared further scrub along the fence line near bridge 13 (1¼ miles from the station). At 5 signal (½mile from the station) we have completed the major scrub clearance, having a large fire there today to dispose of it. Some recovered fence rails and posts have been moved from here to locations along the line where minor repairs are needed (now we can actually see the fence!).
As part of our work to repair the lineside concrete Pway gangers hut we have brought 2 pieces of the precast concrete roof edge units (a corner and straight) back to the station. This will allow us to make a pair of moulds so we can cast some new ones to replace rotten and missing ones there.

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