15th,16th March 2014

We’ve had another successful weekend, with all the ditches now cleared south of the station. Now all there is to do is hand clear the last lump or two which has dropped back in. The fence, which was leaning over next to the PW Gangers hut at the Down Distant signal, has been repaired with recovered second hand posts and rails in true Womble tradition. It all looks a lot better now. There is some further fencing south of the hut to repair and a bit more scrub to cut down, but we are nearly there.
North of the level crossing, we have cleared out the west side ditch up to the bracket signal. This had black smelly gunk and vegetation floating on the top of the water. This ditch now looks a lot better, the water level is dropping and the gunk will dry out at the top of the bank, hopefully, over the next week or two. We even found a couple of land drain exits, showing we were getting the ditch back to its original level.
In the Lamp Room the bare timber edges on the cupboards have been touched up and now look a lot better.
Weighbridge Teas have had another good weekend with a steady flow of visitors sampling their wares.

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