1st/2nd March 2014

Well the passenger trains have stopped, we are working in a possession and have made a good start to the work week. First up was the pitching of the PW hut roof. We hired in a bitumen boiler, transporting it down the line on our refurbished PW trolley. Our progress was not as fast as we would have liked as during the week DB Schenker has brought 2 more ballast trains to our line, the ballast now filling the 4’ over rail top height. The roof is now watertight! The door frame on the hut was past its best so a new one has been fabricated, to go with the new door! Further putty has been applied to the window frames to seal them in neatly.
Around the hut we have been using the PW’s mini digger to level the ground. With this area done we have moved onto further lineside ditching in the area, continuing the work started by the big excavator during the track relay. The ditches are, to quote, running like a ‘good un’ – Niagara Falls has also been observed where the ditch gradient changed markedly.
North of the station a length of trees have been felled to prevent them falling either onto the railway or across power lines. It is also next to the distant signal and where we are re-erecting a LNER Fogmans hut tomorrow.
At the station, work has commenced on making the shelves and cupboards in the lamp room. This is not a job for a lot of people as it’s only 6’ square.
Tomorrow we welcome 5 people from Network Rail who are coming to help us. Weighbridge Teas are also in attendance to help us in providing tea, coffee and lunch.
Keep an eye out for further blogs this week as work progresses!

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