3rd/4th/5th/6th March 2014

Well we haven’t half made a difference! North of the station at the Up Distant signal we have clear felled all the trees on the approach and in the adjacent river. These were damaging the retaining wall there, as well as leaning towards the railway. A lot of branches and scrub have been burnt – the fire was kept burning for three days. All the timber has been logged up ready for collection.
We have erected a ‘new’ building next to the distant signal. This is a NER/LNER concrete Fogmans Hut, which had originally been placed south of the station at the Down Distant Signal. This location is now the Down Outer Home signal and the hut had fallen backwards down the embankment. Thanks to help from my Network Rail colleagues we have been able to re-erect it in its new location. A new door has been made and fitted and the (heavy) fibreglass roof has been placed on top. The whole area now looks a lot better and there is a superb view of the NER Platelayers Cottages, just across the road.
South of the station another large pile of brash has been burnt today, near the Advance Starter signal, and several damaged fence rails have been replaced. Clearance of the ditches has also continued.
At the station Michael has continued fitting out the Lamp Room with cupboards and shelves. This is not the largest of buildings, so fitting everything in is a challenge.
Weighbridge Teas have opened for us, serving teas and coffees, plus making sandwiches for us. In between, the lads have made a new timber weather screen for the Tea Hut.

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