9th March 2014

Well that was the week that was! Blimey we’ve got a lot done this week:
• Fogmans Hut transported and re-erected at Platelayers (13½mp)
• Fogmans Hut door manufactured and fitted
• Fogmans Hut roof fibre-glass coated
• All lineside trees cleared from near Down Distant signal at Platelayers
• Down distant signal cleaned back to white (from green!)
• 4 sets of level crossing rubber panels transported down the line to the field crossing points
• PW Lineside Hut roof pitched and drain pipe reinstated
• PW Lineside Hut door frame manufactured and door fitted
• PW Lineside Hut door, frame and windows painted
• Lineside around PW Hut scraped level and tidied up
• Lineside ditch on West side cleared from the 11½MP to the 12MP using loaned PW Dept. mini digger
• East side ditch hand cleared of occasional detritus from the 11¾MP to the 12MP
• 200’ of lineside fence completely replaced (using recycled materials in best Wombling traditions) near the 11¾MP
• Logs cleared from lineside south and north of the station
• Lamp Room cupboards and shelving manufactured and fitted
• Signal lamps moved into Lamp Room
• Battery box for signal painted and completed
• Wind screen alongside Tea Hut manufactured and painted
Didn’t we do well!
All this was made possible with help from 5 Network Rail colleagues (and one of their wives!) of the Station Master, the usual Wombles and Weighbridge Teas catering. In total over 700 hours were clocked up this week!

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