12th/13th April 2014

The full summer service has now commenced with plenty of steam trains passing. Up around mile post 13 we have continued improving the lineside ditches, digging them, back down to their original level. A lot of scrub bush roots have also been dug out of them, allowing the water to drain away.
The lineside fence in this area was knackered (a technical term) so we have spent 2 days digging the fence posts back vertical and refixing the rails. We also had to bring a lot of new (to site) fence rails to replace those completely missing or rotten. These had to come from our store at the 11¾ mile post using our PWay trolley.
One of the culverts under a field crossing was blocked and we wondered if perhaps the stone roof had collapsed (as another one had done 2 years ago), so we used the digger to scrape off the soil and grass to expose the top of the stonework. Fortunately this showed that the roof had not collapsed. As in the other culvert from 2 years ago it is made from old stone sleeper blocks, but imagine our surprise when we found 2 of them still had their cast iron chairs on! These are 180 years old!! One chair was loose, so it has come back to the station, whilst the other is still firmly fixed. We have thus recorded this information and backfilled the crossing.
At the station the 13 mile post has been wire wheeled clean and given a couple of coats of primer. The road has also had its edges cleaned back and tidied up.
Weighbridge Teas had a quiet day yesterday but a busier one today with a steady stream of visitors and passengers.

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