14th April 2014

Supplementary. We missed a couple of items off yesterday’s blog. We have bought some new plastic chairs for the paddock to replace some old metal framed plastic chairs that unfortunately stick into the ground when used. These old chairs are now on the dock waiting for a new career somewhere else, and all the new ones have been transported to the paddock.
Following the winter, the carpet laid in the General Room to protect the varnished floor has been lifted and the room cleaned out. The bean and sweet pea garden has been prepared for the new plants which are currently being grown off site in one of our gardener’s greenhouse.
Today the Weighbridge has had a touch up coat of paint applied where necessary and the 13 mile post has had a coat of white undercoat. We have brought the 13½ mile post back for a clean down and repaint, it now sits in primer waiting for some undercoat at the end of the week. A large amount of donated assorted screws, cable, mastic and gardening tools have been sorted and filed safely away.

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