18th, 19th, 20th and 21st April 2014

Happy Easter! The weather has been kind and the sun has shone. North of the station near The Grange a lot of scrub and brash has been cut down, revealing views of the adjacent river. This has all been burnt over 3 days with help from the Junior Volunteers on the middle day. The 13 and 13½ mile posts have had their painting completed and are now back out on site, and very smart they look too. Several trolley loads of timber have been brought back to the station and added to the stack there.
South of the station near Bridge 13 at the south end of the relay a lot of scrub has been cut down along the west side fence line. A lot of this was blackthorn and willow, many of which had their branches broken down when we had the heavy snow and was a large tangled mess. This has allowed the fence to be repaired so it looks presentable. We have also discovered another blocked ditch so it will be down with the digger to re-cut it, possibly next weekend. We also have to do the same now at The Grange as the removal of the scrub has revealed another poor drainage ditch.
At the station the Lamp Room now sports its ventilation chimney to allow the paraffin fumes to escape. We have undertaken a couple of emergency repairs to the Camping Coach plumbing systems to save calling out the infrastructure team over the bank holiday weekend. Brains were also exercised trying to make gate closers fit on the wicket gate outside the cottage. We eventually used 2 gate springs to make the gate close gently but not swing open in the wind. The platforms boast white lines and the edging to the flower beds have also had the same treatment. The station yard planters will get the same treatment when we get some more limewash. The paddock is now populated with our picnic tables which had been stored in the viewing area over the winter.
Weighbridge Teas have had another excellent long weekend with plenty of visitors and passengers coming to sample their wares, including 11 bacon butties all at the same time! They have had a new appliance fitted this weekend – a brand new water boiler! The old one is being refurbished and will then be transferred to the Tea Hut in the paddock. Because the Weighbridge has a new appliance, one of the freezers has decided to pack up and even the score so there will be another new appliance next weekend!! The coke machine has been emptied as it is to be returned to the suppliers as it is not getting enough use to warrant the hire fee. The litter bin outside the Weighbridge has been repaired.

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