5th/6th April 2014

‘Normal’ service is now resumed. We started this weekend by replacing the brake blocks on the PW trolley, the first one took 20 minutes, the second 2½ hours! It does stop a lot quicker now though. We have erected a new 12’ platform bench on the down platform, using parts we had prepared prior to the winter (which we haven’t had this year). North of the station near mile post 13 we have cut down the final scrub there and had a bonfire to get rid of the brash (plus some other scrub which was waiting for burning).
The mini digger has been in use this weekend, levelling the mud from the ditch just north of the station which has now dried out. We have now moved the digger up to the 13MP to re-cut the ditches in that area. Again we have rediscovered a blocked culvert at a field crossing which gives us the depth that the ditch needs to be. In the same area the lineside fence has been repaired where rails were missing and posts were rotten.
Back at the station the repainted noticeboard has been refitted to the front of the Gents wall and already has a timetable pasted to it. A new gate has been made to fill in the gap in the fencing next to the Lamp Room, this will allow direct access to the dock when necessary.
Weighbridge Teas were kept busy over the weekend with a steady stream of passing visitors and passengers from our trains.

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