17th/18th May 2014

Cor wot a scorcher! A lovely sunny, hot weekend was had by all. We were joined by the Family Weekend volunteers who helped us around the station. South of the station the last bit of fence dismantling has been completed, the rubbish burnt and any good material brought back to the station for reuse. North of the station another length of poor lineside fence has been removed and replaced with new. A total of 25 new posts and associated rails were installed. The petrol post hole borer was really useful again, saving a wet, muddy job on a hot day.
At the station the quarter mile post has received its final coats of paint and the 6’ platform bench has also been finished. Two 12’ benches have been delivered from Newtondale Halt for overhaul and have had the paint burnt off where required or the wood sanded. One seat plank is rotten over a fair length so will have to be replaced.
Weighbridge Teas have been ‘steady away’ with our visitors, as well as keeping us and the Family Volunteers working at Newtondale Halt supplied with cold drinks and ices.

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