5th May 2014

Another 3 day weekend of fine weather has allowed us to achieve a lot along the lineside. South of the station we have completed the ditches either side of the 11.5 mile post down to bridge 13. This means we have completed both sides of the lineside from the station southwards for over a mile now. The scrub clearance has also been completed near the same point where it was burying the lineside fence, which consequently needed some repair to bring it back up to standard.
North of the station the ground next to the fence line near the bracket signal has been levelled. We also found water rising from a spring again, which taxed our team working with the digger!? Further north at The Grange the lineside ditch at the base of the cutting slope has been cleared out, releasing some backed up water. The stone wall has been cleaned down and the top cleared of grass and it now looks quite smart. These walls are constructed using the old stone sleeper blocks from the original railway – the drilled holes where the cast iron sleepers were fitted can still be seen. This work just about completes our work with the PWays mini digger – it is now going back to them to help in relaying Newbridge Level crossing deck.
At the station the white edging of the garden beds has been completed and the down platform has been swept clean and now looks much smarter. Several metalwork signal items have had further coats of paint to bring them up to the final black finish. One of our pairs of loppers was suffering from overwork so a new anvil has been manufactured and the blade straightened and sharpened. It’s now as good as new again.
The Booking Office has had a thorough sort out, with heaps of old pamphlets and posters going for recycling or to the Archives. Several generations of spiders have been evicted and much dust disturbed!
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend with a steady flow of visitors coming to sample their wares. In the Tea Hut, a new (to it) water boiler has been installed, replacing the old Burco unit – which has gone into store until extra capacity is required at special events (in true Womble fashion!).

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