21 st and 22nd June

We are back to ‘normal’ this weekend, with a break in the concerts until next weekend.
The first job was the delivery and installation of 4 level crossing cess panels to the outer home signal to complete the field crossing there. These were necessary because the original ones we had sent down were too thick – our fault for not checking them well enough. Anyhow they were quick to install and the spares have been brought back to the station and put into store.
The grass in the station yard has been strimmed, together with the walking route north of the station and along the fence line on the side the public use to watch our trains pass. Some of this was quite tall so it took a while to cut down to a more manageable level.
We have built the 4 picnic tables ordered for Newtondale Halt and a private buyer a while back, and will probably have to do another 4 next weekend (if we can get the timber collected mid week). This latter order is to provide 2 for Mulberries in Pickering and 1 for Goathland station, plus one more for Levisham.
Elsewhere some more steel bits have been cleaned down from a rusty state and now await primer, the old coke machine shed has been cleaned out and converted into a store for Weighbridge Teas, and 2 of our open wagons have had their loads rearranged to provide space for the wartime green marquee, which has also had its main poles repainted in green.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend again with a few gaps to allow for planning for next weekends 70’s catering requirements. They were also able to select a couple of dates for Hunmanby band to come back and perform in the paddock – more on this once the date has been agreed with the band.

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