26th/27th July 2014

Wow, its hot again and the sun has continued to shine on our railway. We have continued pottering around on the station, painting and repairing items during the ‘quiet season’ (for us). The second Newtondale Halt platform bench has been completed, top coated and is now ready for delivery. The new timber planks for the Levisham benches are also now in top coat. One of the 12’ bench seats had a rotten base plank so this has now been replaced with a new one. The other benches have had filler applied where cracks have appeared and then had the paint touched up where required.
The Junior Volunteers have been down for a briefing today, using the marquee. When the event finished they helped dismantle the marquee and tidy all the bits away. The paddock now has a while to recover before the Wartime Weekend in October. The Juniors are also here tomorrow, helping us to repair fences (where the cattle have damaged them) and move new fencing materials to site, where we will continue to replace a worn out section north of the station.
The 4 wheel platform trolley has had its broken planks replaced, the screw holes filled and repainted. All it now needs are a few more coats of gloss paint to finish it off again. An old NER hand cart has been dismantled – the wood was rotten, but the steelwork has gone into the workshops for a clean down and prime before going into store. Finally the single wheel hand trolley has had another undercoat applied.
Weighbridge Tea have had a busy weekend, providing picnic bags to a coach trip on the train on Saturday, and catering lunch for the Junior Volunteers on Sunday, as well as providing ice creams and refreshments to the passengers and public on a hot, sunny weekend.

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