16th/17th August 2014

Better late than never! The boss may be away on holiday but the team keep playing at the station. I left them a list, so they wouldn’t get bored, and they seem to have done OK. Rob has continued with the bracket signal, getting all the parts temporarily bolted to the timberwork (we are waiting for the correct bolts). The sorting out of all our donated tools has continued and filing them into the correct storage boxes. One advantage of all these “gifts” is that some of our worn tools can be renewed. Old or surplus tools are being offered to other stations and then will go to ‘Tools for Africa’. The painting marathon has continued and now incorporates varnishing – we have some replacement floor boards for a couple of damaged ones in the cottage. Around the station, all the picnic benches have had a check over and a tighten up of the bolts. Another paraffin container has been cleaned down ready for display in our lamp room. The dismantling of old trolleys has continued with rotten wood being disposed of and the remains put into store to dry out before being repaired.
Weighbridge Teas had a really good weekend, helped by a delayed train disgorging passengers for a drink and the Whitby road being closed due to a traffic collision.

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