23rd, 24th and 25th August 2014

That was the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year and its not been a bad one at all. The weather has been relatively kind and dry over all 3 days.
The Lamp Room has been smartened up internally, with the ceiling lined, the flue fitted on the inside, the floor painted, the paint touched up on the doors and the exposed concrete block work clad in timber to be more in keeping.
In the cottage, the front room floor has had 4 planks replaced with full length ones (the originals had been damaged several years ago by Contractors who also damaged the radiator pipes underneath). This is not an easy job as it also includes a doorway, the removal of the skirting, the fixed seating and the architraves. It does look a lot better now, but the edges are still to complete next weekend.
Around the station, the gardens have received further ministrations, and some more small steelwork has received further paint and varnish. Our workshop coach had developed a few leaks in the felt roofing, so the sunny Sunday was the ideal time to add a further layer of green mineral roll. We have left the original in place to act as ‘padding’ as the roof planking swells and contracts in the sun. A small leak in the Tea Hut was also dealt with, with the bits left over from the workshop roof.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with plenty of visitors buying ice creams etc. A small tombola stand was also run by the Teas team to top up the station funds.

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